What to Expect

Victory Bible Baptist Church tries to utilize technology to further the gospel of Christ. We embrace the “old paths” which saw our ancestors saved and brought revivals that changed lives. We feel that our God is more than capable of manifesting himself in these modern times. You will find our services follow a more conservative, traditional format, yet we try not to live in the blessings of previous generations. We strive to be thankful for the blessings that God is doing for us now.

Our congregational singing is sung out of our hymnbook, and the King James Bible is the textbook for our faith. Occasional “amens” are heard during both the singing and the preaching, and the spirit is one of liberty and blessings, not legalism and bondage.

We do not pressure anyone to give a certain amount. But you can give in the offering if you would like to. You are not pressured to dress in a certain way. Some of our ladies may be comfortable in nice dress pants while other ladies may be comfortable in a nice dress. None of the men wear suits. You are not compelled to be someone that you’re not, Our pastor will do his best to teach you what the Bible says, then it’s up to you to do what you want to do with these truths.

Is this the right church for you? Maybe, maybe not. The sermons are presented in an orderly manner. Often our pastor will preach chapter by chapter till a book of the Bible is completed. At other times, he may preach doctrinal truths on various topics in an expositional manner until the topic is completed. IF you have a desire to learn the truth of God’s word and how to study it, then you might want to consider visiting with us. While we are not a fancy church, we are a local body of believers striving to please God, and love one another.

If you are interested in Biblical truths being presented to hungry souls then we’d like for you to visit with us. This is truly the only way to see who we are and what we are all about. All of our Sunday morning sermons are recorded and they are available upon request.